Ramadan Calendar 2020 Bangladesh Sehri & Iftar Timetable

Ramadan Calendar 2020 Bangladesh Sehri & Iftar Timetable (সেহরী ও ইফতারের সময়সূচী দেখুন). Bangladesh Islamic Foundation has announced the Calendar for the Ramadan month of 1441 Hizri Year. You may find here Ramadan Calendar for Asia, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia 2020. Mahe Ramadan 2020 will start on 25th April 2020 and End on 24th May 2020 in Asia. But in Saudi Arabia, Ramadan will start on 24th April 2020.  EID UL FITR 2020 Date. The EID-UL-FITR 2020 Date is 25th May 2020. The Ramadan is the ninth month of Hizri calendar and the Ramadan is the most valuable month to the Almighty because of the Quran. To get further notice stay connected to our page on Facebook at

Ramadan Calendar 2020 Bangladesh Sehri & Iftar Timetable

Ramadan Calendar 2020 Sehri & Iftar Timetable in Bangladesh 2020 by Islamic Foundation is only available for the Bangladeshi Muslims what we have given below. We know the importance of the Ramadan. It is compulsory to keep fasting the days of the holy Ramadan for the mature all Muslim  in the world. Each place has a different time table of the fasting (Roza). Bangladesh Islamic Foundation Ramadan Calendar 2020 Download PDF.  We are Bangladeshi Muslim so we have our Ramadan Calendar 2020 Sehri And Iftar Timing. Ramadan Calendar Bangladesh 2020 PDF Download.

1st Roza of Mahe Ramadan: 25th April 2020
Last Roza of Mahe Ramadan 24th May 2020
Eid-Ul-Fitr Day: 25th May 2020
Ramadan Starts in Bangladesh: 25th April 2020

Importance Of Mahe Ramadan To Muslim

It is month what is divided by three parts. First part of the Ramadan Month is Rahmat, Second part of the month is Magferat and the last part of the month is Nazat. Those parts are included with 10 days. But the third part often might be 9 days depended the Moon. Every day of the Ramadan month is most valuable and full of mercy. The almighty will give the best surprising award for the fasting by his own hand. So it is very easy to earn the heaven in this month to obey the holy Ramadan completely.

Ramadan Calendar 2020 Bangladesh Sehri & Iftar Timetable, Hizri 1441, Bangla 1427

Ramadan Calendar 2020 Bangladesh

Fasting Is Compulsory For Every Muslim in Ramadan Calendar Bangladesh 2020 Sehri & Iftar Timetable

Ramadan Calendar 2020

Roza (fasting) is one of the pillars of Islam. It is very essential to keep all fasting for all mature Muslim in the world.If anyone refuses it and doesn’t keep fasting without any reason he will be kicked out from the Islam and he has to be punished for it. So we have to be very careful about Fasting and this month. It is the month wherever we can easily make way to go the Jannah and we have to win the Janna in this month by offering the all mercy of the Ramadan. We should do much prayers and activities of Islam in this month to keep the almighty happy. But we have to remember that all the job is for only the Almighty Allah and to make him happy with our prayers.

Download Ramadan Calendar 2020 Bangladesh Sehri & Iftar Timetable

(SEHR-&-IFTAR TIME – اوقات سحر و افطار)

(Depends on MOON)

1 Sat 25 April 04:05 AM 6:28 PM
2 Sun 26 April 04:04 AM 6:29 PM
3 Mon 27 April 04:03 AM 6:29 PM
4 Tue 28 April 04:02 AM 6:30 PM
5 Wed 29 April 04:01 AM 6:30 PM
6 Thu 30 April 04:00 AM 6:30 PM
7 Fir 1st May 03:59 AM 6:31 PM
8 Sat 02 May 03:58 AM 6:32 PM
9 Sun 03 May 03:57 AM 6:32 PM
10 Mon 04 May 03:56 AM 6:32 PM
11 Tue 05 May 04:01 AM 6:29 PM
12 Wed 06 May 04:00 AM 6:29 PM
13 Thu 07 May 03:59 AM 6:30 PM
14 Fri 08 May 03:58 AM 6:30 PM
15 Sat 09 May 03:58 AM 6:31 PM
16 Sun 10 May 03:57 AM 6:31 PM
17 Mon 11 May 03:56 AM 6:32 PM
18 Tue 12 May 03:55 AM 6:32 PM
19 Wed 13 May 03:55 AM 6:33 PM
20 Thu 14 May 03:54 AM 6:33 PM
21 Fri 15 May 03:53 AM 6:34 PM
22 Sat 16 May 03:52 AM 6:34 PM
23 Sun 17 May 03:52 AM 6:35 PM
24 Mon 18 May 03:51 AM 6:35 PM
25 Tue 19 May 03:50 AM 6:36 PM
26 Wed 20 May 03:50 AM 6:36 PM
27 Thu 21 May 03:49 AM 6:40 PM
28 Fri 22nd May 03:49 AM 6:41 PM
29 Sat 23rd May 03:48 AM 6:42 PM
30 Sun 24th May 03:48 AM 6:42 PM

Ramadan Calendar 2020 Bangladesh PDF Download

Ramadan calendar can easily download in PDF format after publishing by the Islamic Foundation of Bangladesh. PDF calendar is very much popular among every Muslim people in Bangladesh. You may download Ramadan Calendar 2020 PDF From this website. If you look forward to get more latest news for the Ramadan Mubarak then keep visiting our website at

Ramadan Sehri and Iftar Time Today Bangladesh

You can get every day’s sehri and iftar timetable for Ramadan Roza from the Calendar by the Islamic Foundation of Bangladesh. If you want to get particular districts romadan schedule then comment below your district name we will get in touch.

The Quran-ul Karim Revealed In Ramadan

We all know the greatest Kitab of Islam the Holy Quran sent to our prophet sm. in this Ramadan. That’s why it has been the most valuable and merciful month of the Islam. Al-Quran sent for our guidelines from the almighty. We know that, Islam is the complete code of life for the Holy Quran. There is a day in Ramadan when the Quran-ul Karim was sent to the world. The day is called Shab-e-Qudar in Islam. For this day the holy Ramadan has been most valuable. So we need to read much the Quran in the Ramadan to get mercy from the almighty. We have so many bonuses in our prayers in Ramadan. Every prayers will be increased up to 700% as reward of the Ramadan. So we have so many chances to remove our sins by doing much prayers and Dan-Sadka in Mahe Ramadan.

Last Words for Sehri & Iftar Timetable Ramadan Calendar 2020

Ramadan Calendar 2020 Sehri And Iftar Timetable In Bangladesh has been given at our website. Remember one thing, each district have their own time table. So keep in mind to add extra time from Dhaka time and to remove extra time to Dhaka time. All the instruction has given in the calendar as well. So follow the instruction. To get more news about Ramdan and EID stay with our page and keep visiting our site. Our Facebook Fan page is like and get updates regularly.

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: When Will Start Ramadan in Bangladesh?

Ans: In Bangladesh, 1st Date of Ramadan is 25th April 2020.

Q: What is the Eid-ul-Fitr Date in Bangladesh 2020?

Ans: EID-ul-Fitr will be celebrated in Bangladesh on 25th May 2020.

Q. How Can I Download Ramadan Calendar of Bangladesh?

Ans: You can Download Ramadan calendar of Hijri 1441 of 2020 From the Islamic Foundation website and from our website as well.

Q: How to Get Sahri And Iftar Timetable 2020 of Bangladesh?

Ans: You can easily get the timetable of Sehri and Iftar of Bangladesh from our website.

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